Smart Parking Manager

Parcoben specializes in data-driven parking space management. With our futuristic solution, we boost returns from under-utilized car parks at shopping malls, offices, hotels, retail centers and attract revenue with Parcoben’s parking app.
Parcoben’s car park technology can be customized to your specific needs – either by integrating into your existing setup to drive additional value, or by managing entire sites end-to-end.

  • Increased parking revenue

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Integration of payment wallets

  • Reduced ground staff

Why You Need Us?

  • Revenue Management

    Advanced Revenue Management system integrated with our cloud application will generate revenue reports and analytics for improved operation.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

    Parcoben's Mobile Application will help the user to search, book, park and pay in an efficient manner, user can book their spot a week in advance.

  • Integrated digital payment

    Intelligent Checkout System working with our mobile app will automatically deduct the parking fee from the e-wallet of the user.

  • Reduced working capital

    Number of ground staff can be reduced since we are giving an end-to-end assistance to the user to enter, navigate, park and exit from the facility.


Let's have a look at our cloud application interface and work flow.

We Provide Features That
You Need!

  • Data Insights & Reporting

    Parcoben’s parking management portal can show you how your car park is performing in real-time through an easy-to-use interface.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    Increase your revenue by lowering rates to encourage drivers to park during lean hours, and increasing rates when spaces are scarce.

  • Customer Friendly Payments

    Digital payments offer customers more choice and better experience. It can reduce costs and increase revenue.

  • Hassle Free Reservations

    Offer your guests a hassle free advance booking service with a guaranteed parking space waiting for them on arrival.

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